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Just a quick post to wish Cor a very happy birthday, hope you have a fantastic day hun!

X Factor

I can't believe last nights result, two of my favorite acts were in the bottom two, Austin and Rachel. I would've liked to see Austin stay, his voice is gorgeous and he's really cute ;)
I'm so shocked he's left the competition so early, especially when acts like Diana and Laura are still in it, I thought Austin would at least be in the final, he deserved to be, check out his performance from last night

It was such a bad arrangement of the song but Austin made it work so well, I really hope we haven't seen the last of him.

I honestly don't know why I watch it anymore, the people I like never win, damn the british public lol

I miss Angel events

So surprised to see this on youtube it was over two years ago, where does the time go?
It was my second con ever and such a great bunch of guests, I'm glad there will be Angel guests at BBM I miss them, I'm thinking about starting to re watch it soon I haven't seen it for years!

Vincent is still one of my fave guests, I hope I get the chance to meet him again, he's so much fun, I wanna see Kane play again too!

This still doesn't make up for me missing Greg Grunberg coming over last week. I couldn't believe that I found out to late, the one time he doesn't cancel I didn't know about it! I'm still kicking myself now. I'm thinking about booking for a con he's doing next year so I really hope he doesn't cancel that one.

Movie meme

smokinmilkmaid has tagged me to do this movie meme,

1. One movie that made you laugh: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, or any Kevin Smith movie, it's really hard to pick just one!

2. One movie that made you cry: Titanic

3. One movie you loved when you were a child: Aladdin, and I still like it now :)

4. One movie you’ve seen more than once: Halloween (1978)

5. One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it: Highlander

6. One movie you didn't like:
Star Wars, I didn't like any of them

7. One movie that scared you: The Exorcist, scariest. movie. ever.

8. One movie that bored you: The Good Shephard.

9. One movie that made you happy: Serenity

10. One movie that made you miserable: The Unsaid, still a good movie though.

11. One movie you weren’t brave enough to see: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

12. One movie character you’ve fallen in love with: Patrick Verona, Heath Ledger's character in 10 Things I hate about you.

13. The last movie you saw: The Dark Knight, I loved it!

14. The next movie you hope to see: Juno, I'm watching it this weekend

15. Now tag five people:  chaotic4life, sunnyringo, j4m3si86, nicers, rowanceleste


A new beginning

I've now completed my first week at my new job. The company is a hundred times better than the one I used to work for. (They still haven't sent my P45 and I left four weeks ago now) I'm really enjoying it, I've made some friends in my training group, unfortunately I won't be working them when the training is over as we are being put into different teams. I'll have to start again then so I hope the people on my team are cool.

It's a million miles away from what I used to do and it's not easy, I have a lot to learn. Yesterday I did my first practice call, with the computer, headset and everything. It was only my trainer on the phone but I still got really nervous. I did really well though, my trainer said I have an excellent telephone manner and I sounded like I'd been doing the job for years! I was really happy with that, it gave me a little more confidence as well. Of course I'll get really scared again when it's an actual customer on the phone but I think I'll be alright.
I haven't been online as much as I'm in front of a computer screen at work all day now so I don't feel like going online much when I get home, I'll still be on it for most of the weekend though, especially as James, Ben and Stacey are on holiday so I haven't got any of my friends round, I'm going to see The Dark Knight later so I'm looking forward to that! I think I'm the last person to see it!

I need to decide soon which cons I'm gonna do next year as we have to book our holidays in January for the whole year. I'm definitely going to BBM and I'm thinking about going to T1 as well, there's some great guests for it. But I'd also like the option of going to Eclipse 3 as well but there isn't a date for that yet. I'm also hoping to go to New York for my birthday next year so I can't do too many cons or I'll run out of holidays I can book.

TV show ramblings

As it's (almost) the end of the season I thought I'd post my take on the tv shows I've been watching this year. I'll start with the new shows and shows I've watched for the first time.

Moonlight - What can I say, I'm actually quite shocked at the cancellation. The ratings were a hell of a lot better than I'd expected so I thought season two was in the bag which just goes to prove how wrong I can be. :)
It's a good show, sure some of the dialog's corny and it definitely needed more Josef but on the whole it was really enjoyable and got a lot better as it went along. Alex made a terrific leading man (and he's easy on the eye too!) I thought it was very brave to kill off a semi-regular character so early and I really liked the Coraline storyline. I hope Jason's back on our screens soon, preferably on a show that doesn't get canceled in its first season.

Reaper - This was another show that like most, took a while to find its feet. I was quite close to giving up on it when every episode seemed the same as the previous one, thankfully the show finally got a story arc to it and it improved immensely. Last weeks episode (no 14) was the first time I've really wanted to see the next one straight away. It's also been great seeing Ken Marino (aka Vinnie Van Lowe) again.

Chuck - I've only seen the first five episodes so far but its very good. It reminds me of Reaper a little with them working together in a store, although thats where the similarities end. Adam Baldwin and Zach Levi are excellent in it and there are some really funny moments which are my fave things about it.

Gossip Girl - I've gave up on this after the first three episodes so I haven't got a lot to say about it. I tried to like it, I really did but I couldn't give a rat's ass about any of the characters so decided to stop watching as I was just bored when it was on.

Dexter - I know its already had two seasons but I only got the chance to see the first very recently when it started here on ITV. It took until episode six and I was addicted. Truly brilliant writing and acting I'm totally in love with this show now. I watched the season one finale last night and OH MY GOD! I couldn't believe I didn't see that twist coming, did anyone else or am I just slow? It was so surprising but when you think about it, it made perfect sense. Thats amazing writing. I might have to be naughty and download season two because I'm too impatient to wait until it airs over here, is it as good as the first season? Dexter is easily my favorite new show.

Lost - I have no idea how I could sum up season four, every episode has had me on the edge of my seat. I love how the writers have almost completely changed the show format, but it actually works. This has been my favorite season since the first and it makes me quite sad that there's only two more seasons too go.

Heroes - After a shaky start season two turned out to be really good. It's a shame the last few episodes seemed rush due to the writers strike but they did so well in the time that they had. I have two requests for season three, don't make Peter and Mohinder so bloody stupid!
Oh and more David Anders please, you can never have enough :)

Smallville - I've enjoyed season seven a lot more than 6. Halfway through 6 I nearly gave up on it. I like the character of Kara and it's been great to have James Marsters back. I can't imagine what next season will be like without Lex. I thought if he left the show would end, I hope it's still as good without him, but to be honest I doubt it will be.

Supernatural - I think this has definitely got better with age. Jensen and Jared work so well together and I think thats almost half of what makes the show so good. As for the new additions, Ruby is cool and interesting, I'm looking forward to learning more about her and I hope she stays around. Bella on the other hand needs to be put down. Seriously, how annoying can one girl be. I've only seen up too episode 12 and I'm still waiting for ITV2 to air the rest of the season, they better hurry before I get too impatient. :)

Dirt - Not much too say about it yet as I've only seen the first two episodes of season 2. I'm enjoying it although I'd like to see more of the supporting characters that had a big part in season one, especially Holt and Willa. My fave thing about this show are the Lucy/Don scenes.  

It's ok, I know I watch too much tv :)

Interests Meme

 Reply to this post and I'll pick 7 of your interests for you to explain in you journal. Post this with your explanations so others can join the explaining fun!!

Answers for



Ian Somerhalder - In case anyone doesn't know he's an actor best known for playing Boone in Lost he has also been in many other tv shows and movies including Smallville, The Rules of Attraction and Tell me you love me. I first noticed him in Lost which I started watching from the beginning. Boone was one of my favorite characters so you can imagine how devastated I was when he was killed off. I really liked his final episode as I thought it was written brilliantly and Ian did a magnificent job, his last scene was heartbreaking.
I have since sought out some of his other works including The Rules of Attraction which I'd recommend to any Moonlight fans as it also stars Shannyn Sossamon (Coraline) 
Having been a fan of his for a few years I was really excited when he was announced to attend a signing in October 06 in Milton Keynes . I was so nervous when I got there because I had a crush on him for so long, he was sat next to Sam Anderson and while I was in the queue to meet him I couldn't stop staring at Ian. When I met him he was a perfect gentleman, I spoke to him briefly about Lost and he told me he was going to be on the show again. I got a brilliant picture of us as well which he was happy to pose for and to this day is one of my fave pictures of me (with actors anyway!)

Rob Knepper - I think you all know why I like him so much. He's not only an amazing actor but he's one of the kindest most down to earth men. I've met quite a lot of actors now at different events but I've never spent as much time with any of them as I did with Rob. I still can't believe I spent about two hours in the pub with him, chatting away about all sorts of things. I actually left feeling like I'd really gotten to know him and I liked him so much. I did like Prison Break before Breakout but I went there for two reasons JASON and MICHAEL. They were just as great as I had hoped if not better but I came back a really big fan of Rob. So much so that I'm going to Breakout Beyond to see him again even though there most probably won't be anyone from VM I really want to meet.

Dirt - I know it doesn't sound too great so just to clarify I mean the tv show Dirt. :)
This is the kind of show I'd usually hate, too much sex and too far fetched but I started watching because I've loved Friends since I was 11 years old so I wanted too see Courtney's new show. I was very glad I did because although there is a lot of sex in some episodes and it does get a bit far fetched at times it is written really well and the characters are played so well that I really care about some of them. With the exception of Heroes I think this is the best new show since Lost and right know I'm eagerly awaiting the second season.

Matthew Perry - Having been a friends fan for 11 years I have seen every episode countless times and if there's one person who can make me laugh that many times it's Matt. As Chandler he was one of the funniest sitcom characters ever created, I know he had a lot of personal problems off set while he was in Friends but he got through them and I think that shows he has a strong personality which I really respect. I hope his career only gets better, It's a shame Studio 60 was cancelled, it was a very good show and Matt seemed really comfortable with his character and his performance was brilliant. 

The Simpsons - Another show that I've been into since I was very young. Homer Simpson is my favorite cartoon character, he's just hilarious even now when the episodes aren't nearly as good as they used to be. I loved the movie though.

Scrubs - As you've probably guessed by now, I loves me a good comedy show. Scrubs is extremley good as mixing slapstick with witty jokes and some episodes are absolutely hilarious. Dr Cox gets all the best lines and I love how John delivers them.

Will and Grace - I do think it should've been called the Jack and Karen show as they were always the funniest. They are my fave comedy double act, how they all filmed some of those scenes without bursting out laughing is amazing. Although they do sometimes get the giggles, as we see in the live episodes.
Cool fact- Megan Mullally went to college with Rob. I was so impressed when he told me this. :)

Heroes season two episode nine

What an episode! It was absolutely fucking brilliant, I'm so glad the show is finding it's feet again now after a slow start.


My thoughts on Moonlight (spoiler free!)

I just finished watching episode one and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure I'd like it at all, at first it sounded like a not very good version of Angel and to be honest I don't think I would've bothered watching it at all if Jason wasn't in it. I was so glad that I was wrong. While it was far from the best show it shows good promise and I think the actors and writers did a very good job. Mick and Beth were both very like-able and I look forward to seeing what will happen between them. Jason was brilliant, I hope he has more scenes in the coming episodes. It looks like he's having great fun with the role and Josef is a very interesting character. I'd love to see some flashbacks of him, maybe his first meeting with Mick would be a good one to see. I wonder if they were always friends.

And I want Kevin Weisman as a regular please! Heh, I don't ask for much do I!


Behind the scenes prison break season 3

I found this earlier while searching youtube out of complete boredom, but I love Rob in the video and his little dance. :)
And he looks great! Plus Wentworth is looking good as well!
Thought I'd share, I'm about to watch the second ep of season three, it has a lot to live up too after how brilliant the second season was. I think it's good so far and lets face it as long as Rob is still in it I'll be watching!